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Mariona Arés

I´m graduated in Business Sciences.

I have spent a part of my study period in Germany and also in France, and met many people who had their second residence in Mallorca and needed help with the administration of their properties. I could see how time consuming it was to keep them in perfect conditions when travel constantly.

Together with my business partner I wanted to offer a service that I knew people would need.

I love Mallorca and I am lucky enough to spend my free time sailing and eating out.

We have put together a team of professionals that are passionate about what they do, it is our goal to make our clients enjoy their well-deserved holidays, and that is one of the most gratifying experiences someone can have.

María Antonia

I studied Business Administration and Management as well as Quality Services in Mallorca and Great Britain and I have done a Master in international Tourism Administration.

I worked as a consultant and Manager in different companies and then turned over to the Service Sector since I love working with people.

As an entrepreneur, in the new stage of my life being BEST HOME MANAGEMENT, I use my knowledge and energy together with my friend and partner Mariona Ares for this new project. Together we share ideas, projects and not least the enthusiasm for what we do.

I have friends all over the world, with whom I shared many trips and stays in Mallorca.

I really love my island and my country and I wish to contribute with my experience to make our client`s stay in Mallorca even more interesting.

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